Just About Me:

My name is Shoaib Jameel,i live in Multan,Punjab,Pakistan. I am a student of BCS at Central College Multan.My hobby is to study about the modern Technologies and i also like to learn about  humanism.

I consider myself to be extremely fortunate, because my ‘job’, such as it is, simply entails doing what I love

I am a Bolg-writer,youtuber,web&graphic designer,programmer and your Host.

More recently, I’m the founder and editor of a brand new serise of website for 'my fellow students of this universe' to be professional in computer science and technology.So these websites include...
  • Computer Information Technology(CIT)
  • C++ Programmer
  • Central Tech News(CTN)
  • Learn HTML & CSS
  • Pro-PHP Developer
  • J-Graphic Designer
  • My Tricks
About this website

This website is for C++ programmers,if you are a student of computer science
than you knows the importance of C++ Language in Computer World.
The purpose of this website is to help new programmers to learn programming.
All the important topics and thoudands of example programs are available on this websites.
Important programs is taken from different programming books that are the part of 
cource study in different colleges.
These books include (IT Serise C++ programming,Aikman Serise C++ programming etc...)
If you have any trouble or if you have any question don't worry feel free to contact us at any time.
If you didn't find any solution of your question/program on this website you can 
sumbit the question to our contact page,we will try to find a better solution for it.    

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