C LANGUAGE BASICS| Program Bug&Debugging Features of DEV C++#9|

Program Bug:
                              An Error in Program in Program is Called Bug.Finding and Removing errors in Program is Called Debugging.

Debugging Features of Dev C++:
                                                                                          DevC++ easy-to-use tools for debugging Program .These are provided in the Execute Menu.These include Single-Stepping and a Program,Setting and using breakpoints, and looking at , modifing Variables.

Running a Program:
                                          The Run|Run is Used to Execute all the statements of a program .It Starts a program from the point where it last stopped execution.It Start the Program Form the  program from the begining only if the program had completely finished or was aborted previsouly.
The Running of Program by executing only one statment at a time is called single-step execution.There are two ways to single-steps a program 
  • Run|Step Over the executes the next statment.It Treats a function as if it were a single statements.
  • Run|Trace into executes the next statment .It treat a function as a Collection of Statments .Run|Trace intois used to watch progra execution line-by-line.
  • To end the steps over or Trace into Commands, Select Run|Program Reset.  
 Viewing and Modifing Variables:
                                                                                                    Debug|Evalutes /Modify is used to evalute an expression.For example ,an expression is typed in the Expression Field and the Return Key Or the Evaluate button is pressed .The Value of the expression is displayed in the Result Field.                      

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