C Language Basics|Turbo C++ Compiler|#5|

by - October 11, 2018

Turbo C++ Compiler|#5|
C Language Basics|Turbo C++ Compiler|#5|

Turbo C++ Compiler

Turbo C ++ Is an integrated Development Environment  for creating program in C ++. Since C ++ is based on the C language, this IDE can also be used to create C language program. it has been developed by  Borland international.
Turbo C is very  easy to use. It provide facilities for typing,editing,saving and compiling C  and C++ programs. Turbo C++ is usually installed in the tc Directory on the c;drive . Its executable file is contained in the c;\tc\bin folder.Turbo C++ IDE is run by locating the c;\tc\bin.exe file and double clicking on its icon.
It consists of two steps. These are writing the program and then saving it on the disk.

Writing the program

C program is written in the edit window Turbo C IDE. The edit Windows opened by selecting File|New from the menu bar.
The edit window have a double line border. A blinking cursor in the window indicate the starting point for writing a source program.

The window can be extended by;
  •  Clicking the mouse in the upper right corner of the edit window,

  •   By selecting the Windows|Zoom from the menu bar.

The vertical and horizontal scrollbars and the fours keys  are used to navigate within the edit window