C Language Basics|Saving the Program|#6|

by - October 11, 2018

Saving the Program|#6|
C Language Basics|Saving the Program|#6|

Saving the Program

After reading the source program in the edit window, It is saved on the disk. It is saved by selecting File|Save from the menu bar or by pressing the F2 on the keyboard. When the File|Save command is used to Save|File as dialogue box appears.
The ghost and the directory in Which the file is to be saved are selected in the Save|File as dialogue box.The name of the file in which the source program is to  be saved is also typed in the dialogue box.If no filename you specified, then the IDE assign  as default name NONAMEE000 .CPP, NONAMEE001.CPP, NONAMEE02.CPP and so on to the file.

By default,the Turbo C++ IDE Assigns.cpp |cpp  for C Plus Plus| Extension to source program  file. For C language program, the extension . C should be used.
if a source program is saved.cpp extension ,The futures of C++  which are not supported by ANSI C become available.

Therefore to use only the ANSI C, The. C extension should be used.