C LANGUAGE BASICS|Linking and Executing the Program|#8|

by - October 13, 2018

Linking and Executing the Program|#8|
C LANGUAGE BASICS|Linking and Executing the Program|#8|

Linking The Program

After compiling the program, the program object file is linked to library file using the linker.This is done by selecting the Compile|Link from the menu bar .Linker contain the necessary library file to object file and make the executable file of the program .The executable file has the same as the program source file.However ,it has the .exe extension

Executing the Program

For executing a compiled program ,it is loaded into the computer memory.In Turbo C++ IDE ,this is done by selecting Run|Run from the menu bar of the IDE or by using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+F9 .
When Run|Run command is used,the source program is Compiled Linked ,and then run.
In Turbo C++, the program output is displayed on the user screen,
This screen is displayed only for the short duration.This screen can be displayed any time by selecting Window|User Screen from the menu bar or by pressing Alt+F5.