C Language Basics|Getting Started With C|#1|

by - October 10, 2018

Getting Started With C|#1|

C Language Basics|Getting Started With C|#1|

Computer Program

Computer is a device That follow the instruction given to it. availed find setup  instruction for the computer to perform a task is called a computer program.

A computer program is written in computer programming language. A programming language provide rules for writing computer program. For writing a computer  program in a language, the rules of language are followed.
since the advent of the computer, many computer programming language have been developed. The C language is an example of computer programming language.

History OF C

C is a general purpose programming language. it was developed at AT and T Bell   Laboratories, USA 1972 it was designed and developed by Dennis Ritche. IT was based on  and earlier computer language called B. Dabi language was developed by Ken Thompson in 1969;70.for this reason  earlier version of the C language was called K and R C || kernighan and Ritchie C||.

The C language was developed to write system program for the Unix operating system.   C is a simple easy to learn and powerful language. this power and flexibility made it popular and soon people started using it for other purpose also as more and more people started using C language , need to standardize its rules was felt .To meet  this need the American National standard Institute|ANSI| developed A standard for the C language in late 80s. the standard version of The Shield and which is known as |ANSI C |.