What is Identifiers and Keywords in C++.

What is Identifier in C++.

What is Identifiers in C++ Language
Identifier are use in every computer languages.Identifiers are important feature on a language.
Identifier are the names to represent variable or function.A good identifier name should be short.

   In C++ identifier consists of 31 characters,if an identifier is longer than 31 characters first 31 character will be use and remaining will be ignored by Compiler.
There are two types of identifier:

  • Standard Identifiers.
  • User-Defined Identifiers.
An identifier that has special meaning in C++ is known as Standard Identifier.
An identifier that is define by the Programmer is Known as User-define identifier.

What is Keyword in C++.

A word that has a predefined meaning and purpose in C++ language is called Keyword.
The meaning and purpose of keyword is defined by developer of language,it can not be changed by user.
In C++ the total number of keywords are 63.

List of all Keywords used in C++

                           asm                 char               delete
                           explicit             class              const
                          do                   double            export
                          extern               friend              new
                          goto                   if                  mutable
                         namespace       public              register
                         reinterpret_cast                      sizeof
                         static_cast                               this
                         throw                true               typename
                         union              unsigned            volatile     
                         wchar_t           while              const_cast 
                         continue          default             dynamic_cast
                         else                   enum                false
                         float                   for                   inline
                          int                     long                operator
                         private            protected            return 
                         short                 signed               struct
                         switch              template               try
                         typedef             typeid                using 
                          virtual                void            

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